Halloween Screenings

‘Tis the season! To celebrate the only holiday in which dressing like a ghoul and harassing homeowners is tolerated – nay, encouraged – we’ve pulled together a list of the best and most interesting Halloween-themed screenings coming up in London. It’s far from a comprehensive listing, of course; if you feel we’ve made any particularly shocking omissions, please comment below and berate our incompetence. Happy holidays!


Barbican Hall, 31st October, 8:00

Mark Kermode introduces a special Halloween night screening of one of Hitchcock’s earliest gems, Britain’s triumphant emergence into the world of sound cinema. However, the Barbican will be showing the equally accomplished silent version, with a new score by Neil Brand, performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra. (link)

The Shining

BFI Southbank (NFT1), 31st October, 8:15

A film which needs no introduction, Kubrick’s most purely unsettling and stylistically confident film comes to the BFI on the 31st. There are still tickets available – and the chance to share every shock with a film-mad audience shouldn’t be dismissed. Also playing in NFT3 on the 30th. (link)

Robogeisha/Big Tits Zombie 3D

Barbican Cinema, 29th October , 7:30/9:30

I haven’t been blessed enough to see these films before, but the promise of the titles alone is overwhelming me. The Barbican promises “Laugh out loud cheese meets blood thirsty horror” in this double-bill of Japanese cult films, and I see no reason to doubt them. (link)


Prince Charles Cinema, 28th October, 8:45

Nosferatu – the earliest adaptation of the Dracula myth, a film which has made its mark upon decades of horror cinema. F.W. Murnau’s classic will be accompanied on the night by Minima, a fascinating musical troupe which has also accompanied The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Lodger and a host of silent classics. (link)

Quatermass and the Pit, The Amityville Horror, Psycho

Union Chapel, 29-31st October, 7:00

Three consecutive nights of vintage terror organised by the Jameson Cult Film Club, culminating with the mac daddy of horror films – as voted for by The Guardian, no less – Psycho. I won’t patronise you by telling you why it’s so special. (link)

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