Tim Burton successfully outsources creativity

Vastly over/underrated filmmaker and kook Tim Burton recently launched a particularly interesting project via Twitter: a collaborative storyline for his cult hero Stainboy, written with the assistance of his Twitter followers. The ‘Exquisite Corpse’ technique, familiar to bored schoolchildren throughout history, sees a group of people adding to the same story sentence by sentence. Burton kicked things off with the following call to arms:

“Stainboy, using his obvious expertise, was called in to investigate mysterious glowing goo on the gallery floor”

You can contribute to the project via the Cadavre Exquis site here, and view the story so far at Twitter. I’m probably not alone in finding this infinitely more intriguing than Alice in Wonderland – a lifeless dead-on-arrival rehash, seemingly optimised for maximum merchandising potential. Surely anything Burton can do now will be a step up, and this might be one of the more original experiments spawned by Twitter.

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