London Rep Roundup – February 2019

When your regular plans have been rained off, it’s a joy to spend a day in a darkened room being transported to another world – indifferent to the dreariness of the world outside. With that in mind, enjoy these specially selected films to lift those February blues.


Blue (Prince Charles Cinema, Thursday 28th February @ 6:30 PM)

In Derek’s Jarman’s Blue, his final feature, a chorus of unseen voices commingle, relating the artist’s battles with AIDS, and testify to his monastic dedication to a life of art. A rich soundscape playing out against a constant, unchanging backdrop of ultramarine blue. To call it a film without images is not quite true: it’s transcendental.

(book here)

The Lady Eve (BFI Southbank, until Thursday 28th February, various times)

Among the screwball comedies of Hollywood’s golden age, The Lady Eve is the best of the best. Barbara Stanwyck, who defined the femme fatale in Double Indemnity, plays a con artist with the gullible rich boy Henry Fonda in her sights. Romance has never been so deadly a weapon.

(book here)

Moonlight (Screen on the Green, Saturday 23rd February @ 23:0)

Another chance to see the mesmeric Best Picture winner on a big screen. A searing exploration, in three acts, of how we become who we are. Unmissable.

(book here)

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