Gemini Man trailer – Will Smith has a Will Smith problem

Audiences at CinemaCon were said to be astounded by the ‘jaw-dropping’ first footage from Ang Lee’s new effort, the Will Smith-starring Gemini Man. We get a taste of that here with the first trailer, showing Smith’s middle-aged assassin being hunted down by a familiar face.

It’s a digital de-aging movie! Gemini Man has resided in development hell for some decades now, and perhaps with this new technology Lee will find a new twist on something that modern audiences have become very familiar with.

My belief that Gemini Man will be Lee’s powerful allegory for millennial resentment against the older generations (for trashing the economy, the planet, the social contract etc.) is undiminished, but the trailer seems to double down on the usual action-movie fare; guns, fistfights, and motorbikes as projectile weapons. Not the way I would have done it, Paramount, but you’re in charge here.

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