Take the money and run: the prescient fictions of Quiz Show at 25

In 1994, the Oscar-nominated film Quiz Show (directed by screen legend Robert Redford) dramatised the case of the Twenty-One quiz show scandal of 1958 - in which an investigation found that producers, colluding with their corporate sponsors, had been supplying correct answers to the show’s participants to boost ratings. This triggered a series of revelations,... Continue Reading →

Gemini Man trailer – Will Smith has a Will Smith problem

Audiences at CinemaCon were said to be astounded by the 'jaw-dropping' first footage from Ang Lee's new effort, the Will Smith-starring Gemini Man. We get a taste of that here with the first trailer, showing Smith's middle-aged assassin being hunted down by a familiar face. It's a digital de-aging movie!

Mid90s – Review

A recent, presumably sincere, tweet from a concerned film fan negatively compared the directorial debut of Brie Larson, Unicorn Store, to the first film directed by Superbad and Wolf of Wall Street actor Jonah Hill.

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