Matinee: Passport to Pimlico (1949)

"No use crying over spilt milk..." Imagine you're a resident of a small suburban neighbourhood in London, 1949, living a modest life in the rubble of World War II. Your neighbours uncover a hidden underground cache of treasure, which you're all keen to hang on to rather than hand over to a museum... Obviously you keep the... Continue Reading →

Matinee: Starman

In an age when the John Carpenter canon is revered and well-known by film fans, and when Jeff Bridges is more popular than he's ever been, it's strange that this weekend's Matinee should be such a blind spot in their respective careers. Starman has become the very definition of a cult film, despite a warm... Continue Reading →

Your Weekend Movie: Atonement

As the snow grows deeper and the wolves gather at your door, nobody would blame you for choosing to tuck yourself under a blanket, make some cocoa and relax with a charming, optimistic Christmas movie. Since there don't seem to be any on this weekend, however, you'll get Atonement and like it! Joe Wright's second... Continue Reading →

Your Weekend Movie: Blade Runner

Saturday night's BBC 3 schedule offers a peculiar endurance test for the insomniac film fan. The channel will be screening Ridley Scott's 1982 classic Blade Runner in its latest iteration, the director's Final Cut (we'll see about that) at 11:45. The interesting thing is that the Beeb will also be showing Dangerous Days - the... Continue Reading →

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